December, 2013

Wolf of Wall Street Manhattan New York Penthouse for Sale $6.5m

The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio released today. The movie is based on the true life story of Jordan Belfort, a stock broker who scammed investors in the 1990’s.   His extravagant lifestyle is portrayed through Yachts, Champagne, beautiful women and this 2,500 square feet New York Penthouse located in Sutton Place at […]

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Pierre New York Penthouse slashed from $125m to $95m

As we reported back in August the Pierre hotel’s New York Penthouse was on the market for $125m as the most expensive Penthouse in NYC. We have just heard that the price has been slashed 24% to $95m making this the 5th most expensive listing in NYC.

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English manor style 1158 Fifth Ave New York penthouse apartment for sale at $14.5m

Duplex New york penthouse apartment 1158 Fifth Ave, apartment 16/17B located on 97th and 5th on Museum Mile in Carnegie Hill has been on the market since May initially at $17m reduced to $14.5m. Apparently the unit was put on the market in 2007 for $12.9m and then taken off. The original owners have owned this […]

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Second Largest Puck New York Penthouse apartment sold for $27.5m

WSJ is reporting that the second largest of 6 Puck New York penthouse apartments, Penthouse IV has sold for a reported $27.5m despite it not being finished until later next year.  The Puck Building is a 128 year old historic building located at 293 LAFAYETTE ST. SOHO, NY 10012 in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, New […]

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Frank Sinatra’s NYC Penthouse re-decorated and price chopped to $5.595m

We reported earlier this year in March that Frank Sinatra’s NYC Penthouse apartment which had been on the market for a year at $7.7m was reduced to $5.89m. Now, his New York Penthouse apartment is back on sale re-decorated, furnished with a new broker Elliman (former broker was Rubicon) for a further reduced price of […]

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